Boatyard Double Gin

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Boatyard Double Gin

70cl | 46% ABV | Northern Ireland

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So named for its unique way of double dosing the juniper portions, Boatyard Double Gin places a real emphasis on provenance by using locally grown grains and bootanicals such as hand-picked bog myrtle.

This is thick, piny gin with a huge amount of fire coming in from grains of paradise. It's big and bold, making way for a magnificent Negroni. G&T fans would do well with an Indian Tonic and a grapefruit wheel.

Key Flavours

"The cereal note from the base adds such a discernible character to this gin that it's worth harnessing it when mixed. Try ginger ale instead of tonic and add a sprig of mint!"

About this product

Boatyard Distillery makes a good portion of the base alcohol for its gin. This bready spirit is added to the still, whilst juniper is added to both pot and basket, giving the gin its double pine dose.

Boatyard Distillery was founded by former London Distillery Company COO Joe McGirr, a booze industry veteran who decided to follow his passion for the creativity within gin to create his very own.

Boatyard Distillery is based in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. It’s a grain to glass distillery, making at least half of the base alcohol it uses in its gins. All of the botanicals used are organic to ensure quality and constituency.

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