Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal

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Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal

70cl | 48% ABV | Mexico

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Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal is a coffee-infused mezcal created by blending double-distilled agave spirit with Noam Quiem organic coffee beans from Mexico. A smoky Coffee liqueur.

Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal is made from Espadin agave plants, using an artisanal form of distillation. The agave is distilled twice and then steeped with coffee beans before being distilled a final time.

Key Flavours

"An innovative release within the mezcal category, the dry coffee notes plays beautifully off of the mezcal’s subtle smoke flavour. Works equally well sipped neat or as the base in cocktail – try it in a Mezcal & Tonic (sounds unusual but trust me,..."

About this product

Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal can be enjoyed neat; but with its dark chocolate, earthy and smoky agave and espresso mix - we prefer it served in an Espresso Martini.

Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal is made by master mezcalero Celso Martinez, while the NaomQuie Coffee is grown in San Gabriel Mixtepec by the Mendoza Ramirez family.

Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal is made in the south-west of Mexico in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. The liquid is intended as a celebration of the region as it mixes two of Mexico’s most beloved treasures - mezcal and coffee.

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