Dangerous Don Mandarina Mezcal

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Dangerous Don Mandarina Mezcal

70cl | 48% ABV | Mexico

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Dangerous Don Mandarina balances cooked agave and zesty mandarin notes alongside a soft smoked finish - a brilliant citrussy variation on high quality Mezcal.

Expect fresh agave sweetness, vegetal grassy notes and smoke competing in equal measure with zesty mandarin and soft citrus.

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About this product

The mezcal is twice distilled then infused with fresh peels that steep for a day, before being distilled a third time.

Founded by Thea Cumming in 2015, Dangerous Don is a Mezcal brand based in London and Oaxaca. The mezcal itself is made by master mezcalero Celso Martinez.

Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal is made in the south-west of Mexico in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca. Since 1994, a protected denomination of origin has been granted for mezcal, meaning that the spirit is a true showcase of the region's terroir.

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Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal

Dangerous Don Cafe Mezcal is a coffee-infused mezcal created by blending double-distilled agave spirit with Noam Quiem organic coffee beans from Mexico. A smoky Coffee liqueur.

"An innovative release within the mezcal category, the dry coffee notes plays beautifully off of the mezcal’s subtle smoke flavour. Works equally well sipped neat or as the base in cocktail – try it in a Mezcal & Tonic (sounds unusual but trust me,..."
Jesse Estes, Ambassador, Tequila Ocho
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