Finlandia Vodka

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Finlandia Vodka

70cl | 40% ABV | Finland

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Made from pure glacial spring water and the finest Finnish Suomi barley that is grown under the Midnight Sun, Finlandia is a pure and delicate vodka with a crisp, clean taste.

Clean vodka with a dry, light and smooth taste with a gentle aroma. A versatile choice for those looking for a cocktail workhorse.

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About this product

Golden Suomi barley is distilled using a continuous multi-pressure distillation system (there are 7 columns with an average height of 25m). It's then filtered through moraine rock and cut with pure water from the Rajamaki glacial spring.

Launched in 1970 in packaging designed by top designer Mr Wirkkala. Today the distillery is operated by Finland’s Altia Corporation (it was cofinally founded in 1888), and owned by Brown-Forman.

One of the original Finish spirits, the distillery in located in the village of Koskenkorva in Ilmajoki. Once made it's then transported to a production facility in the village of Rajamäki, about 45 kilometres north of Helsinki.

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    WYBOROWA vodka

    Posted by JACEK WISNIEWSKI on 19 Nov 2022

    WYBOROWA is the BEST !!! or ZUBROWKA + apple juice (must be chilled)

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