Vestal Blended Potato Vodka

Vestal Blended Potato Vodka

70cl | 40% ABV | Poland

Much like winemakers, Vestal focuses on the idea of bringing terroir and vintage into their approach to making vodka. In doing so, create wonderfully full and rich spirits.

Expect a top quality vodka with actual flavour - this is not a neutral, boring drink. Serve it slightly chilled in a bulbous glass or alternatively, as a Martini.

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About this product

Vestal Blended Potato Vodka is made from Innovator, Asterix and Russet Burbank varieties of potato that are distilled once and not filtered, allowing a much bigger dose of flavour to come through into the end spirit.

First established by William Borrell in 2011, the UK-based alcoholic beverages manufacturer and distributor Halewood Wines and Spirits acquired a 48% stake in Jan 2020.

Vestal Vodka production is based in Poland, at a facility in Kaszubia region.

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