Konik's Tail Vodka

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Konik's Tail Vodka

70cl | 40% ABV | Poland

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Konik's Tail is named after the Konik (a primitive Polish horse), which lives in the woods but when lucky enough to spot one farmers would catch to help with the harvest - before releasing them again.

Clean, slightly creamy with a layered complexity. Cereal is clear with the creamy wheat, spicy rye and earthy spelt all playing a role. The finish is peppery - a fantastic "all rounder".

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About this product

Made with three classic Polish grains, spelt, rye and wheat. It is filtered through silver birch charcoal resulting in a complex and very well balanced spirit.

The brainchild of Croatian vodka enthusiast and industry veteran, Pleurat Shabani an inspirational and bohemian life journey lead him to developing a vodka.

The wheat used in Konik's is grown by farmers near the Białowieza Forest and distilled at the Polmos Bialystok distillery (also located in North East Poland). They are also noted for their production of Zubrowka vodka.

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