Greenall's Gin

Greenall's Gin

70cl | 37.5% ABV | England

Greenall’s Gin is a classically styled, traditional gin that worships the juniper-coriander-angelica trinity, with a huge amount of peels thrown in for good measure. Well balanced and ready for action, this is a versatile cocktail workhorse.

There’s no denying the classicism of Greenall’s Gin – it’s everything a Gin should be, if a little lighter than others due to the ABV. It works in pretty much any gin cocktail, though if you’re looking for a G&T garnish, we recommend lemon peel.

Key Flavours

"Greenall's is a cabinet essential and for the price it's right up there with the best quality offerings in that segment of the category. The core gin notes (juniper, coriander, angelica) are clear and it's great with a wedge of lime in a G&T."

About this product

Greenall’s Gin is made to a London Dry standard, with all of the ingredients added to the mix prior to distillation. After the run, the spirit’s heart is captured and blended to 37.5% ABV with demineralised spring water.

Greenall’s distiller Joanne Moore is a whizz, having designed dozens and dozens of the most popular gins in this country. She is the seventh Master Distillery in the company’s 250 year history, having held the role since 2006.

G&J Distillery, based in Warrington, dates way back to 1761. It’s a true powerhouse, currently producing 7mn cases of spirits annually. It’s responsible for creating so many brands that there’s a very good chance you’ve already tried their wares.

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