Langley's London Dry Gin

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Langley's London Dry Gin

70cl | 41.7% ABV | England

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Langley’s No. 8 was the first namesake gin from the famed powerhouse contract distillery, and as such it’s a real doozy – a classically styled, gin for Gin’s sake that is positively dripping with juniper.

A vibrant and lively juniper sings out of the bottle, along with a floral, orris-root top note. Spices bubble beneath the surface, adding depth rather than heat, and there’s a sweet, almost chocolate-y note. This is perfect Martini material.

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Langley’s No. 8 Gin follows a typical London Dry method – all ingredients in this ‘secret blend’ are added to the Langley still at once, and rather than allow for any maceration period, the still is fired right up.

Despite being named for and made at Langley, Langley’s No. 8 was actually conceptualised by Mark Dawkins and Mark Cump, who approached Langley with a request to borrow the name and created the gin alongside distiller Rob Dorsett.

Langley Distillery, based in the West Midlands, is a historic distillery producing well over 80 gins, many under contract. There are some truly exceptional spirits amongst their collection, made on some of the oldest working gin stills in the UK.

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