Greensand Ridge Wealden Rum

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Greensand Ridge Wealden Rum

50cl | 40% ABV | England

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A fantastic English rum, made from scratch in Kent. We love Greensand Ridge Wealden Rum best when served with some apple juice and a Mint garnish - a truly phenomenal cocktail.

Greensand Ridge Wealden Rum has a floral nose, giving way to subtle honeycomb and roast cobnuts on the palate. There's a long finish with raisin and oak in the finish and a sweet, full mouthfeel.

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About this product

The Rum is made in-house from scratch, using the surplus molasses from sugar production. It's distilled using a pot still then aged for 6-10 months in ex-bourbon barrels.

Greensand Ridge was established by Will Edge, a man who really puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to sustainability. He firmly believes that all businesses should be run as green as can be, and tries to lead by example.

Greensand Ridge Distillery has a number of products to its name, including several brandies and a beautifully sweet rum. The countryside distillery is open to tours, and even runs a gin school.

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