Hampden Estate Overproof Rum

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Hampden Estate Overproof Rum

70cl | 60% ABV | Jamaica

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A perfect example of the High Ester Rums that Hampden Estate are renowned for - expect a spirit that is packed with intense estery fruitiness.

Tropical aging and high ester pot still rum means big notes of rich oak, over-ripe banana bread, seared pineapple and a herbal finish. Jamaican funk at its overproof best.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

This is a single estate rum (using 100% HLCF mark) made with wild fermentation, matured for 4yrs in the tropics and bottled with no added sugar or colour.

In 2009, Everglades Farms Ltd. owned by the Hussey family, acquired Hampden Estate via public bid through divestment procedures of the Jamaica Sugar Company assets, owned by the Government of Jamaica.

Hampden Estate is renowned throughout the world for its full, intensely flavourful pot still rums. It's based in Trelawny, a stone’s throw from the Cockpit Country, where they have been distilling rum for 265 years.

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