Hernö Artisan Ten Organic Gin

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Hernö Artisan Ten Organic Gin

50cl | 47.5% ABV | Sweden

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A limited edition Gin, Hernö Artisan Ten is gently matured in birch casks. It was launched as an homage to their home of Dala and in our opinion is one of their best gins to date. High praise given their dry is, arguably, the world's best gin.

The meadowsweet and citrus front note of Hernö's gin remain unblemished, but that resinous juniper core is given added weight by the birch. It's aged just right to get the cask influence and its complexities, but still an out an out dry gin.

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About this product

Artisan Ten takes Hernö classic LDN Dry Gin and ages it for 30 days in Birch casks.

Hernö Distillery was launched in Sweden by Distiller Jon Hillgren in 2011. Artisan Ten pays tribute to their origin as the country's first gin distillery by using Birch, which is strongly associated with Sweden and festive occasions.

Hernö is located in the very north of Sweden, surrounded by the spectacular, pristine beauty of the High Coast. This stunning region is reflected in the clarity of elegant flavours they manage to capture in their gins.

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