Hernö Juniper Organic Cask Gin

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Hernö Juniper Organic Cask Gin

50cl | 47% ABV | Sweden

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Hernö Juniper Cask Gin was the first gin in the world to be aged in juniper casks, showing very on just how innovative the Swedish distillery could be. The barrel lends so much to the gin, filling it with resinous, gloopy pine sap.

Hernö Juniper Cask is an incomparable gin, with a herbal sweetness and intense, soul-staining juniper notes finished off with a caramelised lemon peel. There are thousands of doors to unlock, so sip this on ice to really get to know it.

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To make their Juniper Cask Gin, Hernö commissioned one of the last coopers working in Sweden to build their juniper wood casks. The wood is extraordinarily porous, leeching out so much of its flavours into the spirit.

Hernö Distillery was launched in Sweden by Distiller Jon Hillgren in December 2012. Over the years the team has grown, with all sharing a relentless passion to live up to the ideal of Swedish excellence in each of their roles.

Hernö is located in the very north of Sweden, surrounded by the spectacular, pristine beauty of the High Coast. This stunning region is reflected in the clarity of elegant flavours they manage to capture in their gins.

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