Kanpai Kumo

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Kanpai Kumo

37.5cl | 15% ABV | England

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Kanpai's flagship Nigori sake and a firm favourite for cloudy sake lovers! KUMO translates as “cloud” and the bottling is a refined interpretation of a classic cloudy sake.

An elegant tropical nigori, with bold acidity and a rich yogurt finish. Enjoy at 10C or 40C with spicy curry, fried chicken or ice cream. Gently mix up the sediment before serving.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits

About this product

Aged on the lees then bottled with some fine rice sediment remaining. Medium +3 to -3 SMV. Gohyakumangoku Rice - 70% Polishing Ratio. #701 Japanese Sake Yeast

Kanpai was co-founded by Tom and Lucy Wilson in 2017, born out of a love of craft brewing and a fascination with the process of making Sake. Their London Sake brewery was sparked into life following a trip to Japan.

The only London based Sake producers, after a quick stint in their original home, in 2018 Kanpai moved into a larger space a stone’s throw away in Peckham’s Copeland Park.

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