Kanpai Nomu - Junmai Daiginjo

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Kanpai Nomu - Junmai Daiginjo

75cl | 15.5% ABV | England

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Kanpai's special luxurious daiginjo - sweet, yet balanced, one of their most popular sakes and a real one-of-a-kind!

A sweet, fruity & complex junmai daiginjo sake. It's very versatile in ideal serving temperatures and food pairing options - enjoy warm at 40C or chilled to 10C with meringue, marzipan or mascarpone.

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Super sweet (-29 SMV). Yamada Nishiki rice - 40% polishing ratio. #901 Japanese Sake Yeast.

Kanpai was co-founded by Tom and Lucy Wilson in 2017, born out of a love of craft brewing and a fascination with the process of making Sake. Their London Sake brewery was sparked into life following a trip to Japan.

The only London based Sake producers, after a quick stint in their original home, in 2018 Kanpai moved into a larger space a stone’s throw away in Peckham’s Copeland Park.

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