Luxardo Limoncello

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Luxardo Limoncello

70cl | 27% ABV | Italy

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A classic of the genre - Luxardo Limoncello has an attractive natural cloudy appearance and with the benefit of a lengthily infusion process, it has a bright flavour profile.

Expect zesty lemon throughout and a fresh acidity. Not too sweet as far as Limoncellos go - Luxardo strikes the right balance between syrupy deliciousness and that citrus blast.

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About this product

Luxardo has been making Limoncello since 1906 but the new recipe (from 2010) comes with a more intense lemon flavour due to having 25 percent more fresh lemon juice and essential oils from Sicilian lemon peel.

Luxardo is an old name in the booze world, having been founded in 1821 by Girolamo Luxardo. With centuries old history and experience in making liqueurs, eau de vies and distillates - they are one of the most iconic drinks producers.

Luxardo is one of the oldest liqueur producers in Italy, with a huge collection of (mostly cherry based) products to its name. They were the original creators of bar favourite Maraschino Cherries, so there’s a lot to thank them for.

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