Mackmyra LAB Organic Gin

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Mackmyra LAB Organic Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | Sweden

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Made by the Scandinavian superstar distillers - Lab Distillery’s Organic Gin is an ultra-modern Swedish spirit, developed to be used as in any number of classic Gin cocktails.

This is a clean and vibrant spirit, and while it channels the modern palate with its tropical flavours, it remains a spirit that Gin lovers would embrace, with a juniper heart. Embrace the exotic in a G&T with a pineapple garnish.

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About this product

Made on a traditional copper pot still, Organic Gin is made with all organic botanicals. The list is a curious one, starting with juniper, coriander and lemon and moving on to elderflower, lingonberry and mango.

A few years after the main Mackmyra Distillery moved its whiskey production, they decided to put the original space to good use, creating Lab Distillery. The small-scale operation's focus is making innovative spirits created in collaborative ways.

Located at Mackmyra Bruk is located somewhat 12 kilometres west of the city of Gävle, Sweden. With an ever-growing Gin range and a tonic to boot, Lab Distillery is well worth keeping your eyes on.

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