Maison Sassy Fine Calvados

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Maison Sassy Fine Calvados

70cl | 40% ABV | France

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Sassy is a fresh, young and vibrant Calvados with bright green apple aromas. It's easy to sip neat, great in cocktails and makes for an incredibly refreshing drink when mixed with tonic. Santé!

Expect green apples and subtle flowers on the nose. The oak is intentionally subdued meaning that to taste it's not too heavy - this is modern, light Calvados which showcases the orchard fruit at its best.

Key Flavours

Fresh Fruit
Dried Fruit

About this product

A continuous column still is used (10,000L cider per day, running 24/7). The eau de vie is then aged in a perpetual solera system that deliberately uses old barrels low on tannins in order to highlight the fruit an not over-oak the spirit.

Best known for their cider, Sassy are a historic French producer. Since tradition is such an integral part of their story, they base their Calvados blend on the family recipe from 1852.

The Château de Sassy is located in the heart of Normandy and is home to organic apple orchards. No chemical treatment is used on the land, sheep are left to roam to eat the grass and bee-hives boost the ecosystem through pollination.

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