Merser & Co Double Barrel Rum

Merser & Co Double Barrel Rum

70cl | 43.1% ABV | England

Charles Merser Double Barrel Rum brings together aged rums from Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guatemala and Panama.

With alluring vanilla sweetness with flashes of vibrant tropical fruit and a wonderful toasty oak character, Charles Merser Double Barrel Rum is perfect in vintage London serves such as the Palmetto or Knickerbocker.

Key Flavours

Tropical Fruits
"Charles Merser & Co. Double Barrel rum is a blend of blends where all the components perfectly complement each other by building layers of flavour and complexity. What I enjoy most about this rum is that the young Jamaican elements shine through w..."

About this product

Charles Merser Double Barrel Rum is created by blending carefully chosen rums which undergo a secondary cask maturation - or 'marrying' - in the heart of London. No sugar or colour is added.

The last great rum blending houses of London closed over 100 years ago. The family based distillers, Hayman's, (who are best known for their gins) brought this heritage back to life.

Charles Merser source rums from across the Caribbean which are then expertly blended in London, restoring the capital's long lost history in blending the spirit.

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