Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur

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Mr Black Cold Press Coffee Liqueur

70cl | 23% ABV | Australia

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A cold brew liqueur for coffee purists (with half the sugar and ten times the coffee of ‘old-world’ liqueurs) - Mr Black’s original Cold Brew Coffee Liquor has quickly become the first choice for home cocktail enthusiasts.

Rich and decadent coffee flavours and a bittersweet masterpiece of big flavour. The balanced sweetness and enduring coffee kick make it our "go to" choice for the Espresso Martini.

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About this product

Coffees are brought to the roastery and distillery, cold brewed using purified water. This is added to Australian wheat vodka and a touch of cane sugar. Nothing fake, nothing artificial.

Co-founded by Tom Baker, a self-confessed espresso snob, and distiller Phillip Moore (Distillery  Botanica) in 2012. They are now six years, 30 extra employees and more than 400,000 litres of Mr Black into their journey.

Mr. Black is brewed at the Distillery Botanica facility in New South Wales, around 50 miles up the coast north of Sydney. 

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