Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin

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Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | England

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Opihr Gin was one of the original innovators in the category setting out is spiced profile for all to enjoy. It is inspired by traditional spice route and uses Indonesian Cubeb berries, Indian black pepper and Moroccan coriander alongside juniper.

Opihr is an intentionally spiced gin, so after a quick orangey citrus hit and a blast of juniper, the lingering warmth of cubeb emerges. Double down on the heat with a green chili in a G&T, or brighten the aroma with a wedge of orange.

Key Flavours

"Those Cubeb berries sing both on the nose, while the black pepper and coriander dominate the finish. It's the most well known spiced gin for a reason, not many are so heavily leaned into that flavour zone, nor achieve it with such success."

About this product

The gin is made to a London Dry standard on the sizable copper stills at G&J Distillery. Ingredients are steeped ahead of distillation, with a multishot process used to create enough to meet the unquenchable global demand.

Distiller Joanne Moore is a whizz, having designed dozens of the most popular gins in this country. Launched in 2013, Opihr is part of her mission to capture and isolate the five core flavours within gin: citrus, spice, herbal, floral and fruity.

G&J Distillery, based in Warrington, dates way back to 1761. It’s a true powerhouse, currently producing 7mn cases of spirits annually. It’s responsible for creating so many brands that there’s a very good chance you’ve already tried their wares.

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