Bulldog Gin

Bulldog Gin

70cl | 40% ABV | England

Bulldog Gin is overlooked by Gin enthusiasts, but it’s a true pioneer of the modern Gin craze, featuring the strangest botanical list. Bold of look and of taste, this is all at once spicy, bright, heavy and light – a real accomplishment of flavour.

This is a real adventure in a glass, taking you from a bright spice, to waxy fresh citrus and closing off with a warming baking cupboard nip. Bulldog Gin still retains a juniper heart, but we’d still garnish with rosemary to up the herbal ante.

Key Flavours

"Floral top notes of lavender, with citrus behind lead the way to a traditional gin. Serve it with ripe fruits like blackberries and a sprig of rosemary to help coax out the full depth of flavour."

About this product

Bulldog Gin is made by G&J Distillery. Amongst the outlier botanicals, there are lotus leaves, poppy, dragon eye and (normal now, but quite strange back in 2009) lavender.

Bulldog Gin was founded in America by Anshuman Vohra, an entrepreneur who wanted to create a thoroughly modern gin. The gin was only available overseas initially, but after making its way to Europe via Spain, it was finally sold in its home country.

G&J Distillery, based in Warrington, dates way back to 1761. It’s a true powerhouse, currently producing 7mn cases of spirits annually. It’s responsible for creating so many brands that there’s a very good chance you’ve already tried their wares.

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