Peddlers Salted Plum Gin Liqueur

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Peddlers Salted Plum Gin Liqueur

70cl | 25% ABV | China

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Peddlers Salted Plum Gin is unique Chinese take on a traditional sloe gin. It is inspired by the historical Suan Mei Tang recipes that are made for summer sipping and it is the first barrel aged Suan Mei Gin in the world.

Peddlers Salted Plum Gin is similar to a barrel-aged sloe gin in style. That said, fruity plums and floral osmanthus really lean it into a new dimension. The use of cask is clever in that it adds hints of vanilla, oak and a dry finish.

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Peddler's take their Shanghai Gin and infuse it with salted plum, mulberry, orange peel and osmanthus, and then age it for a month in Oloroso sherry barrels to give it a dry finish.

Shanghai based gin brand is the distillation of the minds of Joseph Judd, Ryan McLeod and Fergus Woodward. The trio were inspired by the craft spirits movement worldwide and wanted to celebrate their adopted country with a local take on the spirit.

The name Peddlers was inspired by Shanghai’s traditional street culture that still exists today. The Gin is distilled in Tangzhen (a suburb of Shanghai), with a new location in Penglai also being used.

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