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Pernod Anise is an aniseed aperitif, which was invented in France by Jules Pernod as a replacement for the banned absinthe.

The recipe includes mint, chamomile, hyssop and coriander amongst many other botanicals but the main stars of the show and the dominant flavours here are booming anise and fennel.

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When the decision to ban absinthe was passed in 1915, Pernod had a novel idea to circumvent the laws. They created a new recipe (made in the same way) that tasted of anise but did not include artemisia wormwood.

The story of Pernod begins in 1805 when Henri-Louis Pernod established the Pernod Fils company in Pontarlier, France to produce his eponymous absinthe. The company has now become Pernod Ricard.

Pernod Anise played a key role in French aperitif culture (and still does). It re-polarised the drink in a post absinthe world, and without both it and the likes of Ricard, French drinking culture would not be what it is today.

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