Ramsbury Vodka

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Ramsbury Vodka

70cl | 43% ABV | England

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One of the exceptional English vodkas, Ramsbury has us completely smitten. Made from grain to glass on site, the smooth rich nature of the spirit makes for astonishingly good Martini’s.

Toasted bread and creamy vanilla on the nose. The cereal note, black pepper and rich mouthfeel emerges to taste, finishing on a lingering sourdough and cocoa. Absolutely delicious craft vodka with character and depth.

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About this product

Ramsbury uses Heratio wheat grown in their own estate, which is milled and fermented. After undergoing a primary "stripping run" which helps reach a high ABV, it is then batch distilled through columns to a purity of 96% ABV. It is unfiltered.

Ramsbury Estates is made up of over 19,000 acres across North East Wiltshire, West Berkshire and North Hampshire. The team manage both the land and the operations from farming, brewing and distilling to a running charming country pub!

The Wiltshire based team take huge pride in imbuing their home into each drop. They carefully plan their process to ensure there's no waste & high environmental standards. Impressively, every bottle can be traced back to its single field of origin.

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