Shanky's Whip Shanky's Whip Black Irish Liqueur

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Shanky's Whip Shanky's Whip Black Irish Liqueur

70cl | 33% ABV | Ireland

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Shanky's Whip is a brilliant liqueur made with a combination of Irish whiskey, caramel and vanilla. Great for those with a sweet tooth or looking to make an Irish Coffee.

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Customer Reviews

  • 5
    a Christmas staple

    Posted by Unknown on 17 Nov 2022

    every Christmas i find myself making my way a bottle or two of this tipple im a whisky drinker at heart and finding an easy sipping liquor hasn't been easy but this is the one just sweet enough a flavour like crème caramel pudding but a very pronounced alcohol warmth well worth a go if you havnt tried it yet and if you have try replacing the bourbon with this in a Manhattan and thank me later

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