The King's Ginger Liqueur

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The King's Ginger Liqueur

50cl | 29.9% ABV | Netherlands

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First crafted by Berry Bros. & Rudd for King Edward VII in 1903, The King’s Ginger is golden in colour and delightfully robust in flavour. It's a revitalising and warming spirit that brings people together.

The aroma is unmistakably of fresh ginger and zesty lemon. To taste, the initial flow of ginger syrup sweetness is interrupted by the tingle of fresh ginger and a subtle and gentle uplift of lemon citrus. Serve with apple juice or in a Penicillin.

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About this product

The King’s Ginger is made using a grain spirit base, lemon, ginger, sugar syrup and water. The recipe was altered when the bottle was redesigned into this beauty, though it remains a liqueur emphatically flavoured with ginger and lemon.

The King’s Ginger has been made in different places over the years (France in the 1930s, The Dekuyper Distillery in Holland). Owners Berry Bros decided to move production back to the UK, employing the help of Thames Distillery.

The "King's" is from 1903, when the Royal Physician became concerned about the monarch’s health. Legend goes that he called on Berry Bros for a solution. Crafted from ginger (celebrated for its medicinal properties) The King’s Ginger was born.

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