Cadello Liqueur

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Cadello Liqueur

50cl | 33% ABV | Italy

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A  hybrid botanical spirit, somewhere between a coffee liqueur and a gin and inspired by Venetian masquerade balls, Cadello is a sweet treat made from ingredients found in Italy and along the Old Silk Route.

Biscuit, chocolate and clean aniseed flavours are clear throughout - the latter being particularly prominent. Cadello’s long finish unveils further flavours of coffee, chocolate, cocoa, star anise and vanilla, with hints of hazelnut, mint, caramel...

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8 ingredients are selected and individually macerated in grain spirit for the appropriate amount of time. Once the infusion process is complete, each ingredient is individually distilled. The distillates are then carefully blended and aged in Fren...

Co-founded by Matt Dunn, a former investment banker who became inspired to start his spirits brand after writing a novel that takes place in Venice and having spent months there researching the Venetian Empire.

Cadello is made by Distilleria Pisoni, a 150 year-old, family-owned distillery in Trentino that make some of the finest grappas and liquors in northern Italy.

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