Tito's Vodka

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Tito's Vodka

70cl | 40% ABV | U.S.A.

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One of the big names of American distilling - Tito's Vodka is made in Austin, Texas, founded by Tito Beveridge and his Mockingbird Distillery.

Tito's is known for sweeter nature, with corn at the heart of the profile and a black pepper note to finish. One we love to use with ginger ale.

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About this product

Famously tight lipped and having undergone numerous lawsuits over its advertising claims - exact production details are unknown. We believe that Tito's is made from corn, most likely by re-distilling bought in NGS.

In a truly pioneering craft distilling story, Bert “Tito” Beveridge fought to re-write the laws in Texas, built a production still, and obtained the first legal permit to distil in Texas in the 1990's.

While still made in the same spot (the first and oldest legal distillery in Austin), the Tito's operation is now impressively large, producing over 45 million bottles a year.

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