Wood's 100 Old Navy Demerara Rum

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Wood's 100 Old Navy Demerara Rum

70cl | 57% ABV | Guyana

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Wood’s is a blend of three rums (aged between 1½ to 3 years), each with its own unique history, and all distilled at the Diamond Distillery in Guyana.

Rich punchy notes of brown sugar, Christmas pudding and thick syrupy toffee. Full of flavour and great to use in Tiki cocktails

Key Flavours

Dried Fruit

About this product

Wood's is a Demerara Navy style rum distilled at Guyana’s Diamond Distillery from molasses. The blend even contains some rum distilled in their famed wooden still (one of the last working wooden stills in the world).

Wood’s was established in 1887 by the Wood’s Distribution Company in Liverpool. Today it's part of the William Grant portfolio.

Diamond Distillery is one of the most impressive rum distillery's in the world. With wooden stills, on site cooperage and the source of so many coveted casks, it's one of the category's cornerstone distilleries.

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