Woven Whisky Experience No.8

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Woven Whisky Experience No.8

50cl | 46.6% ABV | Scotland

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IWSC 2023 Silver PETE VS. PEAT. Woven dispatched their blender, Pete, across to the Isles, through fumes and folklore in search of new flavours... of Peat. The result of this study in smokiness is all layers and whisps… Won a Silver medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2023.

Peated, yes, but goes beyond the bonfire and presents notes of delicate incense, spilled coffee, dark chocolate and lapsang souchong. As layered as the smoke you could imagine burning off as it rises a distillery chimney.

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About this product

Six components make up this blend. Some was sourced from a highland distillery (split it into ex bourbon and ex red wine casks). Some is a buttery grain whisky that had resided an Amontillado sherry cask some is from a Campbeltown superblend.

A five-strong founding team with a long background in drinks launched Woven; Duncan McRae, Peter Allison, Ed Harvey-Jamieson, Alastair Fiddes and Holyrood Distillery managing director Nick Ravenhall.

As blenders, Woven source whiskies from all over the place, and assemble them in an old Biscuit factory on Anderson Place, Leith. In doing so they continue the area's often forgotten about whisky making heritage.

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