York London Dry Gin

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York London Dry Gin

70cl | 42.5% ABV | England

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Nine botanicals used by English gin makers for over 300 years come together to form a complex and satisfying classic. York Gin is the kind of classic gin you can rely on for a satisfyingly crisp G&T.

Dry, juniper led profile balanced by floral notes and warm cardamom. There's a gentle citrus edge complemented by spiciness of coriander on the finish. A lovely classic gin. Pair it with Indian tonic and a lemon peel.

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Using a beautiful 300 litre alembic copper still, York Gin uses vapour infusion to extract the flavours from juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, cardamom, cinnamon bark, dried lemon peel, orris root, black pepper and grains of paradise.

The York Gin Company started in the place where so many great ideas begin – the pub. Friends Jon Farrow; Pete McNichol, Harry Cooke and Emma Godivala combined their skills to create a brilliant team and make gin their home town would be proud of.

Romans and Vikings, ancient walls, an extraordinary gothic Minster, The Shambles, Richard III, Guy Fawkes and Dick Turpin, ghosts and more. York is one of the most ancient of cities. York Gin Distillery is the only one within the city limits!

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