ABA Pisco

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ABA Pisco

50cl | 40% ABV | Chile

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ABA Pisco is a family-owned, third-generation producer based in the prized pisco heartlands of the Elqui Valley. AA great example of Chilean pisco and a tasty spirit to have in the cabinet!

Soft and full mouthfeel overall, the grapes are clear but it's the softer spiced floral notes that build impressively throughout. The fruity nature of the Muscat grape returns on the finish. Great topped with soda or in a Pisco Sour.

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About this product

Muscat de Alexandria grapes are harvested each summer. Fermentation takes 10–15 days. It's then double distilled in 1500L Charentais copper pot stills and the spirit is rested for over 2 years in 6000L vats made from aged Chilean wood.

ABA Pisco is made by the Aguirre family using methods passed from father to son over generations living in the Elqui Valley.

The distillery is based in an area recognised as producing the best grapes for pisco production. With all year round sun and cool Andean evenings, the climate and terroir is ideal for producing the grapes they require.

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