Amaro Averna

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Amaro Averna

70cl | 29% ABV | Italy

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Amaro Averna is one of the most popular Italian bitter digestifs on the market. The historic liqueur is created to a 19th century Italian recipe, passed down from one generation to another since 1868.

Averna is dark brown, almost viscous and notably sweeter than many Amari - with easy to identify orange zest, herbal notes of juniper, rosemary and sage alongside an underlying bitter citrus and a chocolate-like finish.

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Made with thirty three herbs including cinnamon, orange peel and gentian, the botanicals are steeped into neutral spirit before being filtered and sweetened ahead of bottling.

It is named after its inventor, Salvatore Averna, who invented the recipe in 1868, having been given instructions on how to do it from prior de la Abadía de Santo Spirito. The Averna company was acquired in 2014 by Gruppo Campari.

Produced in Caltanissetta, Sicily, Averna is one of the most quintessential Italian aperitifs. Over 150 years and four generations of Averna's have made this liqueur synonymous with Sicily and the Aperitivo hour.

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