Aviation Gin
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Aviation Gin

70cl | 42% ABV | U.S.A.

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Aviation Gin has been going through something of a resurgence ever since Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, took a major stake in the brand. If you ask us, this richly floral Art Deco Gin should always have been top of your agenda.

Aviation Gin was designed with the Aviation cocktail in mind, so head that way first. Still, in a straight-up G&T, it’s a wild ride, with the sarsaparilla leaving a sugar trail and the lavender tracing delicate petals across the tongue.

Key Flavours

Crisp & Clean
"Controversial when released due to its novel approach & revered today with its brilliant campaigns - Aviation has had a roller-coaster ride. All talk aside, the important bit - the liquid - delivers a smooth sipping treat perfect for a Martini."

About this product

Made in Portland, USA - Aviation Gin follows a traditional process, with the botanicals (including lavender and Indian sarsaparilla) infused in a neutral wheat spirit and then pot distilled.

Created in Portland, Oregon, by House Spirits co-founders Christian Krogstad and Lee Medoff, along with stalwart bartender Ryan Magarian, Aviation Gin claims to be one of the first bartender-distillery collaborations.

House Distillery is something of a pioneer on the American Gin scene, going full steam on the term “American New Western” when it created Aviation Gin, and seeking to create gins that allow all botanicals to shine, rather than just juniper.

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