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70cl | 40% ABV | England

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Bloom Gin is one of virtuoso distiller Joanne Moore’s proudest achievements, with chamomile, honeysuckle and pomelo forming an enrapturing trio. It’s light and delicate with an uplifting spring feeling throughout.

This is a silky-smooth gin, with chamomile painting a ribbon stripe of sweetness all over the tongue. The pomelo brings a light, orangey softness, while juniper cuts through. Follow the flock and garnish with sweet, sliced strawberries.

Key Flavours

"Bloom is often described as a floral, and it is, but what makes special is that it is that and more. The citrus, the soft garden-feel and the omni-present juniper add real depth meaning it appeals to a far broader group of gin enthusiasts."

About this product

Bloom Gin is triple distilled to a London Dry Standard, with all of the ingredients added to the mix prior to distillation. After the run, the spirit’s heart is captured and blended to 40% ABV with demineralised spring water.

Greenall’s distiller Joanne Moore is a whizz, having designed dozens and dozens of the most popular gins in this country. Bloom is part of her mission to capture and isolate the five core flavours within gin: citrus, spice, herbal, floral and fruity.

G&J Distillery, based in Warrington, dates way back to 1761. It’s a true powerhouse, currently producing 7mn cases of spirits annually. It’s responsible for creating so many brands that there’s a very good chance you’ve already tried their wares.

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