Boë Passion Gin

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Boë Passion Gin

70cl | 41.5% ABV | Scotland

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Franz De La Boë is purported to have 'invented gin' way back in 1658. And while what he came up with was likely to be far less bold than the wildly fruity, madly colourful gins in his namesake range, Boë Passionfruit Gin was made in his honour.

Don’t let looks deceive you, here. Yep, it’s bright yellow, but this Boë Gin isn’t the sugar-filled nonsense proliferating the industry. Here lies gin with a hint of pepper and massive swathes of fruit. Pure G&T fodder.

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About this product

Boë Passionfruit Gin has a traditional, juniper centric gin at its core, one that is slow distilled over a number of hours to ensure maximum Flavour extraction. After that, you’ll be unsurprised to hear, the spirit is pumped full of passionfruit.

Boë Gin is made by VC2 Brands, a firm directed by Andrew Richardson and Carlo Valente. They spent years honing their Boë gins, working to ensure a collection of gins that are distinctive and of a high calibre.

Boë Gin is made at a distillery in Throsk, Stirlingshire. The distillery is a converted munitions factory that never quite manages to warm up. Boë has become a mainstay with Flavoured Gin fans, as its one of the biggest selling names in the country.

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