Gordon's Pink Gin

Gordon's Pink Gin

70cl | 37.5% ABV | Scotland

Gordons Gin needs very little introduction – it’s a mainstay of the British (hell, global) Gin scene; an enduring, everlasting staple. The Pink edition, based on an iteration first tried in the 1880s, is a sweet, fruity and moreish treat.

Gordon’s Pink Gin is a super-sweet, fruity tipple that you really need to lean into. Serve in a giant copa glass with lashings of ice, lemons and sliced strawberries.

Key Flavours

"One of the fastest selling, most successful new products in the gin category for over a decade tells you everything you need to know about how popular this is. Add some fresh fruits to garnish in a G&T."

About this product

Made up in Cameronbridge, Scotland, Gordon's Pink Gin, as you can tell from the colour, has a huge dose of raspberries, strawberries and redcurrant flavours added to the mix post-distillation, along with a touch of sweetener.

Gordons Gin was created in 1769 by Alexander Gordon. It began in Southwark, then moved to Clerkenwell before eventually heading North in search of more space. The brand is owned by Diageo.

The long history of Gordons Gin means that there are a lot of experiments and vintages to the family name and for those curious, there's even an archive of all the bottles, posters and items from its history in Scotland.

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