Bruxo X Mezcal

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Bruxo X Mezcal

70cl | 40% ABV | Mexico

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With its ripe citrus and honeyed notes, this is a accessible Mezcal made from a blend of 80% Espadin agave spirit and 20% Barril agave spirit.

Using the traditional method, the agave is slow-cooked in an earthen pit and crushed with a tahona, before it's left to ferment naturally. Bruxo X is distilled twice through copper pot stills and bottled at 40% ABV.

Key Flavours

"Bruxo X does everything it’s designed to do: easy to sip, easy to mix, full flavoured without being overly challenging/complex. Great value for money too. Recommended for people just beginning to discover mezcal."

About this product

Bruxo X Mezcal has aromas of citrus, flowers and roasted agave followed by fresh fruit and a honeyed smokiness. The profile and smooth, sweet finish makes for an approachable mezcal.

Bruxo is a mezcal project founded in 2010 by a group of friends who are agave devotees. Translating from Portuguese as ‘wizard, or shaman’ Bruxo is distilled by master mezcalero Lucio Morales.

Each expression is created using agaves from various parts of Oaxaca, Mexico, and distilled by mezcalero Juan Morales Garcia in San Dionisio Ocotepec.

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Bruxo No.3 Mezcal Barril is made from wild Barril agave sourced from the San Agustín Amatengo hills in Oaxaca - same of which are 12 -15 year old.

"A great example of a single-varietal mezcal, providing a contrast to the majority of mezcals on the market which are either 100% or majority- espadín ensamble mezcals."
Jesse Estes, Ambassador, Tequila Ocho
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