Mezcal Union Uno

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Mezcal Union Uno

70cl | 40% ABV | Mexico

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Mezcal Unión Uno uses farm-grown Espadin agave and wild Cirial agave, harvested across the Oaxacan region. A great choice for those looking for a cocktail workhorse in the cabinet.

Mezcal Union uses artisanal production processes to make its mezcal. Each bottle is produced by a union of different Oaxacan families and once made, a Solera process mixing the respective spirits ensures consistency.

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A traditional mezcal, Mezcal Union Uno offers a mezcal with a round smokiness, herbs and an earthy finish. Delicious neat or as a tantalising alternative to whisky in an Old Fashioned.

When thee company first started, legend has it that an elderly man told the founders that the future of mezcal would be based on a UNIÓN. Seems they took him at his word...

Though Pedro Hernandez is master mezcalero, each bottle is produced by a union of Oaxacan families. To date they have sowed over 750,000 Espadín, Tobalá and Cirial agaves along the Sierra.

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