Campari Italian Bitter Liqueur

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Campari Italian Bitter Liqueur

70cl | 25% ABV | Italy

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Famed aperitif and an essential component for those seeking to make a Negroni or Americano, Campari is a booze hound's cabinet necessity.

There are strong bittersweet orange notes all over the profile, but look beyond and you'll find complex cherry, and mulled spice too. Huge bitterness and big sweetness oscillate on a citrussy finish.

Key Flavours

"Can’t imagine life without Campari, there’s something about it that just keeps pulling me back. Take a mouthful and let it coat the inside of your mouth and hold it for a few moments to explore it fully and appreciate its bittersweet complexity."

About this product

Reported to have over sixty ingredients including bitter orange peel, quinine and rhubarb. It is made by macerating the ingredients in neutral spirit. The liquid is then sweetened (with the famed red colour also added).

In 1860, Gaspare Campari founded his drinks brand in the Italian town of Novara, west of Milan. Campari (the drink) was invented by Gaspare himself. 150 years later, Gruppo Campari now owns many of the acclaimed Italian vermouths and bitters.

Campari is such a huge part of Italian drinking culture it has transcended into popular culture and art. So much so, Galleria Campari opened in 2010, located in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan (which was also the first Campari production plant).

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