Cazcabel Honey Liqueur

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Cazcabel Honey Liqueur

70cl | 34% ABV | Mexico

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Cazcabel Honey Liqueur combines real Manuka & Yucatan honey and infuses that on their Tequila Blanco base. A sweet treat that's great to mix in cocktails.

Using agaves grown for over 7 years, they steam the piñas in autoclaves. Once cooked, they ferment in tanks for 10 days before distilling in a combination of copper pot and steel stills. Honey is added post distillation.

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Cazcabel Honey Liqueur is rich and sweet with beautiful notes of warm natural honey. There's a touch of smoke that comes through on the finish and makes for a lovely alternative to Gin in the Bee's Knees cocktail.

A faithful student of Toltec, Olmec and Aztec traditions, Don Cazcabel’s Tequila recipes use only the best natural ingredients.

The honey used in Cazcabel Honey is made with a combination of Manuka and Yucatán honey sourced from the fields of Yucatán in Mexico and the Manuka trees of New Zealand.

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