Ceylon Arrack

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Ceylon Arrack

70cl | 40% ABV | Sri Lanka

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Ceylon Arrack is a 100% natural spirit distilled from the sap of the coconut flower and aged in Sri Lankan halmilla wood casks. Great in punches or as an alternative to rum.

Pale gold in colour with complex floral aromas backed by wooded spice. To taste the complex floral tones continue alongside light citrus notes, coconut and a dash of honey. Delicious!

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About this product

Toddy Tappers' climb up coconut trees to collect coconut flower sap. This is fermented using naturally occurring yeasts and then distilled within 24 hours of collection. Approximately five coconut trees need to be tapped per bottle of Ceylon Arrack.

Ceylon Arrack is made in Sri Lanka by Rockland Distilleries, which began on a family estate in 1924 and remains a family run business. Fans may also know it's sister brand, Colombo No.7 Gin.

Rockland Distillery don't just make this centuries old spirit, they use their distillery to push a strong conservation agenda, taking many measures to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to Sri Lankan wildlife conservation.

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