CUCIELO Vermouth di Torino Bianco

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CUCIELO Vermouth di Torino Bianco

75cl | 16.8% ABV | Italy

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Delicate aromas and flavours of orchard fruits, white flowers and chamomile typify this vermouth, as good to drink in a Martini or a Spritz as it is neat with a cheese platter.

Green apples, elderflower, garden herbs, cherry and orange zest waft up on the nose, while to taste apples, vanilla and bitter herbs drive the flavour.

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About this product

Cucielo Bianco Vermouth is based on Trebbiano d 'Abruzzo, a lighter style of wine. This is then fortified, infused with botanicals and sweetened.

Cucielo was created by Andy Holmes, founder and managing director of drinks company Artisan Spirits, who collaborated with Torino Distillati’s master blender, Carlo Vergnano to perfect the profiles.

Torino Distillati was built in Moncalieri back in 1906, and is part of the Italian heritage and a region that developed brands now famous all over the world, such as Carpano, Cinzano, Martini & Rossi.

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