Hepple Gin

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Hepple Gin

70cl | 45% ABV | England

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Hepple Gin takes its name from the estate upon which it is distilled. It is a real celebration of Gin in all its glory, with three varieties of juniper included in the mix, including one young, green berry grown on the distillery’s very own land.

A rush of spring water, followed by a slightly twang of saline and fresh moss. Juniper leaps out, berry-like at first, then earthy, followed by warm, lemony coriander. Smooth and complex, Hepple is perfect Martini material.

Key Flavours

"A juniper fanfare and one of the gins that gin lovers gravitate to for good reason - it's smooth, it's savoury, verdant and fresh as a profile. The juniper is really complex and quite frankly, overall it's delicious."

About this product

Hepple Gin follows a complicated distillation method: some botanicals are pot distilled in traditional copper, others are cold distilled on a rotary evaporator and the rest go through a CO2 extraction system.

Hepple Gin was founded by Hepple Estate owner Walter Riddel and Valentine Warner, with help from a distilling/flavour team made up of Cairbry Hill, Nick Strangeway and Chris Garden, a veritable Cluedo of names.

When it comes to celebrating provenance, not all heroes wear capes. The gin is a reflection of the land, (literally as they even take juniper from there) and each drop resonates with the sensations of the Northumberland countryside.

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