Hernö Organic Gin

Hernö Organic Gin

50cl | 40.5% ABV | Sweden

Hernö Gin is a crisp, piney and evocative Swedish spirit, combining historic Gin distilling methods and botanicals with a trio of delectable strangers: vanilla, meadowsweet and lingonberries. Indisputably one of the best dry gins in the world.

Piney, floral and fresh notes emanate out of the bottle, with meadowsweet providing a light introduction to sweetness before lingonberries create a jam tart heart. Well balanced and moreish, Hernö Gin makes for an amazing Martini.

Key Flavours

"In any 'top 10' lists I've ever done, Hernö is in there. The gin has that unique combination of flavour intensity, balance, smoothness, and distinct character, all the while delivering that classic juniper hit. One of the truly great offerings."

About this product

Juniper and coriander are added to the spirit way ahead of distillation, with the rest following mere moments ahead of the run. The finished spirit is cut to bottling strength with water pulled from Hernö Distillery’s very own well.

Hernö Distillery was launched in Sweden by Distiller Jon Hillgren in December 2012. Over the years the team has grown, with all sharing a relentless passion to live up to the ideal of Swedish excellence in each of their roles.

Hernö is located in the very north of Sweden, surrounded by the spectacular, pristine beauty of the High Coast. This stunning region is reflected in the clarity of elegant flavours they manage to capture in their gins.

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Hernö Old Tom Gin is silky sweet, botanically intense gin built upon the flagship gin. The extra grams of meadowsweet and honey in the recipe help the distillery to reimagine this style, making a gin...

"Hernö's Old Tom takes meadowsweet and places it alongside juniper in a perfectly framed picture that evokes the Swedish countryside. It's fresh, floral, layered and has a sweetness that lingers. Devine."
Olivier Ward, Editor, Gin Foundry
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Hernö Navy Strength Gin

Hernö Navy Strength Gin is a sharp, bold spirit with a heightened spice. Cracked black pepper explodes across the tongue, lighting a fire that is only calmed by their use of heady meadowsweet and...

"Much more peppery than the London Dry (over and above the increased ABV), the spice really signs through with coriander in particularly notable. A good Navy Gin to try in a Gimlet."
Olivier Ward, Editor, Gin Foundry
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Hernö Juniper Organic Cask Gin

Hernö Juniper Cask Gin was the first gin in the world to be aged in juniper casks, showing very on just how innovative the Swedish distillery could be. The barrel lends so much to the gin, filling it...

"So piney and sappy it's like shaving the tip of a pencil before you touch the lead. That full resinous nature is at its best in cocktails like the Negoni, but the Juniper Cask Gin can also be enjoyed in a highball with soda."
Olivier Ward, Editor, Gin Foundry
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Hernö Sloe Gin

Hernö Sloe Gin is a sweet, supple Swedish spirit, combing traditional gin flavours with vanilla, meadowsweet and lingonberries, and then adding lashings of plump, sweet sloe berries and a drizzle of...

"A hugely complex Sloe Gin. The fruit is clear with lead notes of jammy berries and dried fruit. Meanwhile the underlying gin plays a big role in shaping the profile adding sherbety lemons on the nose, honeyed floral backdrop, pepper on the finish."
Olivier Ward, Editor, Gin Foundry
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