Myers Rum

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Myers Rum

70cl | 40% ABV | Jamaica

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A great Dark Rum to serve up with Ginger Beer or to use in cocktails for their world famous, dark and mellow profile.

Expect an aroma of blackstrap molasses and allspice. To taste sweet sugar cane, caramel and tobacco combine with a decadent dark chocolate character. Oak and subtle smokiness lingers.

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About this product

Using only pure Jamaican molasses, Myers's Rum is made from continuous and pot still distillation and matured in white oak barrels.

Founded by Fred L. Myers's in 1879 in Kingston, Jamaica, the Myers's family specialized in providing the highest quality, genuine Jamaican rum. Today this is continued by is the Sazerac Company.

Meyer's Dark rum is a Jamaican Rum institution having been a part of the island's exports for over a century.

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