Punt E Mes

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Punt E Mes

75cl | 16% ABV | Italy

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The story goes that in 1870, a stockbroker, caught up in a discussion with colleagues whilst in the Carpano wine shop ordered his usual vermouth with an added half a measure of bitter, using the regional expression “Punt e Mes”.

Aromatic on the nose with mulled spices and resinous juniper. To taste stewed red fruits, prunes and orange zest that emerges on a bitter-sweet drying finish.

Key Flavours

"I’ve always thought of Punt E Mes as a very grown-up vermouth, it’s a big bitter beast, almost chewy, it’s the dive bar of Vermouths."

About this product

Punt E Mes is made by adding a secret blend of ten different herbs and spices (including orange peel and quinine), to a blend of dry white wine.

Carpano was founded in 1786 by Antonio Benedetto Carpano, who owned a wine bar in the centre of Turin on the Piazza Castello. It is part of the Fratelli Branca group.

Carpano is made in the Piedmont region of Italy, with the base wines are sourced from Romagna, Puglia and Sicily.

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