QuiQuiRiQui Espadín Mezcal

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QuiQuiRiQui Espadín Mezcal

70cl | 45% ABV | Mexico

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QuiQuiRiQui Matatlán is a classic “house style” mezcal. It has a smooth taste with distinct roasted agave flavours and a peppery finish that is characteristic with the Espadin agave.

Intended as a house serve - the Matatlán is a cocktail workhorse and delicious in a Margarita or twist on the classic Negroni.

Key Flavours

"As an all-rounder, QuiQuiRiQui probably offers the best value for money in the UK. This mezcal has everything going for it: fruitiness, sweet cooked agave, smoke, vegetal notes and citrus. At 45% ABV the alcohol is able to carry lots of flavour."

About this product

The agave are locally harvested and traditionally roasted in fire pits, crushed using a Tahona (stone wheel) then fermented outside in oak vats relying on natural airborne yeasts. The final process is a double distillation in small copper stills

Established in 2011, they partner directly with families who have been producing traditional mezcal in their communities for generations. The name "Qui-Qui-Ri-Qui" isn't about that community but from the sound a rooster makes.

Made in Santiago Matatlán, less than an hour drive from Oaxaca City in a region often referred to as the “World Capital Of Mezcal”.

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