Don Amado Mezcal Rústico

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Don Amado Mezcal Rústico

70cl | 47% ABV | Mexico

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The flagship expression of the Real de Minas Distillery, Don Amado Rústico is made using historic methods; slow roasting Espadín on firewood embers, natural fermentation with airborne yeast and a double-distillation in ceramic pot stills.

The minero clay-pot still is quite prevalent on the nose which leads with crushed walnuts and roasted corn. Bright citrus Espadín builds to taste, alongside butterscotch, fresh herbs and lots of smoke.

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About this product

Don Amado handcraft all of their mezcals from 100% mature highland agave plants. After roasting the hearts in wood-burning earthen pits and fermenting them, they distil in Oaxacan ceramic-and-bamboo pot stills.

Don Amado is made by Real de Minas Distillery, who display an admirable determination to be transparent with their methods and the differences between each bottling.

By continuing on authentic production, the distillery proudly honour a sixteenth-century production tradition native to the state of Oaxaca.

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