Sacred English Amber Vermouth

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Sacred English Amber Vermouth

50cl | 21.8% ABV | England

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A fabulously versatile vermouth, dry enough to make a Martini, but with enough fruit and citrus to be an absolute treat served solo on the rocks. One to discover!

Delicate, floral, with a distinct orangey notes and orchard fruits before the wormwood kicks in. Deliberately made to be close in recipe to the legendary Kina Lillet, making this perfect for the Vesper Martini.

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Sacred Amber Vermouth is created by taking an English white wine base (from Three Choirs Winery in Gloucestershire) and infusing it with 16 botanicals such as orange peel, orris, gentian and wormwood.

Naturally curious and fascinated with science and distillation from an early age, Ian Hart grew up in the same house in Highgate where Sacred Spirits was eventually born (and where he and partner Hilary Whitney are distilling to this day).

Sacred Spirits was founded in 2008 in a two bed house in Highgate. While it's grown too big for its original home, the team have remained true to their North London roots finding a nearby shop to convert into additional production space.

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